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Post by Avp_hunter on Sat Jun 12, 2010 5:43 am

There's three armies up for sale tau space marines and imperial guard wanting $1000 ono
will split the armies up tau $200
imperial guard $350 space marines $400.

Imperial guard have
baneblade store price $165 and stormlord
3 imp guard squads
3 weapons teams
1leman Russ tank
1 karsikin squad

1devil fish
1 pirahna
3 battlesuits
3 stealth suits
10+ drones
1 kroot pack

space marines
sword bretheren
veterans mk 2
dark angels squad
vanguard veteran squad
space wolves pack
galgar with body guards

Also all paints and brushes
$100 there's heaps of paint all the gw brand and udercoats
thanks or make it $1000 for the lot

I have spent over this price


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