1/4 Hulk Diorama (Full Size) Never Done Before (coming Soon)

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1/4 Hulk Diorama (Full Size) Never Done Before (coming Soon) Empty 1/4 Hulk Diorama (Full Size) Never Done Before (coming Soon)

Post by DAMNATION666 on Thu Jun 17, 2010 7:18 pm

Hey guys!! I am going to commission a piece through The Art Department that has NEVER been done before!! As a HUGE Hulk fan I love the many aspects of the Hulk. I, like everyone else, LOVE the Hulk Smash and Hulk full of rage stuff, but there is another side of Hulk I trully love. I love the soft side of hulk just as much as the rage and I dont think it has been portrayed properly. My idea is to have Hulk holding Betty, and to really show the love he has for her, and the fear, yet saftey she feels with him. So I first started thinking Betty would drape over his arms, kinda like Frankenstines monster, but that didnt do it. Then I found this image:
1/4 Hulk Diorama (Full Size) Never Done Before (coming Soon) Newhulk012-1

Now this image says everything I wanted it to. I love how Betty looks safe in Hulk's arms, and he looks determined to protect her. This is just the base image, My hulk will be green with purple pants. Another thing I was very sure of right from the start was hoW Hulk's head should look. I am a huge fan of classic 80's Hulk, and nothing screams it more than ToyBiz's Face Off Hulk:
1/4 Hulk Diorama (Full Size) Never Done Before (coming Soon) MLFO1Hulk

This hulk will be very comic like, and feature thick legs; arms and body. Something else I am very sure of is the way Hulk's feet should look. They should be broad and powerfull, and a great example is the feet from Hasbro's Planet Hulk:
1/4 Hulk Diorama (Full Size) Never Done Before (coming Soon) Newhulk006-2
1/4 Hulk Diorama (Full Size) Never Done Before (coming Soon) Newhulk007-2

So now I have the over all look, here are the rest of the details. Hulk will stand a wopping 27 inches tall. Betty will be to scale, at 16.5 inches, though she will be cuddled up in Hulk's arms. There will be a total of 25 fully painted staues made, so any one interested please PM me for details.

I really like how Hulk is looking off to the left in the image, he is seeing an unseen enemy maybe? So this could line up with any other statue and work! As a massive Hulk fan this is something I have invissioned since I was a kid, and no one has ever attempted it. I have full trust Pankey and The Art Department will bring this to life exactly how I see it.

There is one slight problem, I have no idea how Betty should look! She needs to be beautifull, and have long brown hair, but I guess Betty could look like any one. I do want her eyes to be open and looking up at Hulk. So if any one has some refference pics or a good Betty face that would be great. I looked at comics, but none really show what I am looking for.

I hope to have a sketch of this idea soon, so I would appreciate any feedback. I want this to be the perfect statue that tells a different story than what we normally get with hulk!
Thanks for looking

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