Second Hand Stores/Markets - Brisbane, Queensland?

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Second Hand Stores/Markets - Brisbane, Queensland? Empty Second Hand Stores/Markets - Brisbane, Queensland?

Post by Xenaphobia on Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:59 pm

Hello gentle readers,

I was wondering whether any fellow residents of Bris-Vegas knew of any decent second hand stores/markets which had a good range of toys?

I'm hoping to hunt down a couple of the old Toy Story figures (from 1995 onwards) to add to my newer release Toy Story collection, but I have no idea where to go.

Google tells me that the Rocklea Sunday Markets are the biggest in Brisbane, but since it would be a 2 hour trip there and back on a Sunday morning, I'd prefer not to waste that precious cartoon-watching time if they have a crap selection.

Once upon a time there was a great second hand toy store in the city and I think another one at Nundah (Pippins?), but they've both since shut-down and I don't know of any others.

Any help/guidance/assistance would be appreciated.



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