HULK smash puny Cake!!!

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HULK smash puny Cake!!! Empty HULK smash puny Cake!!!

Post by NiteOwl on Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:55 pm

It was my 3 year old son's birthday today. His only request was to have a Hulk cake, because of Mrs. Owl woeful cooking ability it was up to me to save the day.

Now I must preface this by stating I am an old hand at this birthday cake making caper and have made heaps of cakes for the kids over the years. However a family friend has recently upped the ante and starting making "3D" styled cakes for her kids.

I found an online recipe for homemade fondant, which is basically a unholy union between butter and icing sugar. here are the results.....

HULK smash puny Cake!!! SDC13048
HULK smash puny Cake!!! SDC13049
HULK smash puny Cake!!! SDC13050
HULK smash puny Cake!!! SDC13051

Whilst technically you could eat the Hulk head it was soooooo sugar sickly sweet that no dared!!!

If I can find the other pics of the previous cakes I will post later.

p.s. anyone want a 500g fondant Hulk head? Cool
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HULK smash puny Cake!!! Empty Re: HULK smash puny Cake!!!

Post by Dabigfella on Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:47 pm

Me likey!!!!!
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