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Post by simmo on Sun Mar 16, 2008 6:32 am

Welcome Folks! Here's a few rules to the new home of Australian Action Figure collecting:

1) Treat every member with respect. People will have different views in life, and that's ok. Debate all you like. But personal attacks will not be tolerated.
2) If a mod asks you to do something, please comply. We're not here to kill the joy, but we do expect you to follow direction if we ask.
3) No R rated discussion. Anything that would cause a movie to be R rated will be quickly deleted, and you'll get a strike against your name. Swearing will be tolerated, to some degree, but if it becomes out of hand, mod discretion will apply and your posts may be edited.
4) The forum has spoiler tags enabled. Please use them. They're good for everyone.

That's pretty much it as far as hard and fast rules go, but they may be updated or changed as becomes necessary. If you have a problem, message a mod and we can deal with it in a discrete way.

If you break rules or are anti-social, you'll be warned.
1 warning = mods will be informed and keep an eye out for your posts in future.
2 warnings = temporary banning. Depending on the nature of infractions, you will be asked to cool off for at least a month.
3 warnings = gone.

This is really important guys, particularly in relation to rule #1. And note, trade infractions may mean that you are banned from those sections of the board.

Most of all, have fun in our new home!!
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