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Post by Fresh on Sun Aug 21, 2011 5:41 am

Been thinking about getting a Retro Duo and was wondering if anybody had one and what they thought?


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Post by Octane on Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:54 pm

Fresh wrote:Been thinking about getting a Retro Duo and was wondering if anybody had one and what they thought?

I've sold these before. (In the USA) They fairly good for a clone system as clone systems go, the best SNES/NES clone out there. The NES sound is not 100% correct but it never is on any clone system, it fairly un-noticable to the untrained ear. Although they have S-video the NES part does not work for it because the NES was never designed for S-Video. Also you need a Yobo FC twin Gun if you want to play any Zapper games on the NES side. I really had no problems with them.

Your biggest problem is that this machine is designed for NTSC and not PAL. It appears that all they done is swapped out the power supply for a AU supply and not really done a true PAL version of the console. The problem with that is any SNES game that does a console Speed check will not run (Which is a lot of the final run SNES games). Thus the long list of PAL games that don't work.

But if you can solder it is a fairly simple job of just wiring in a PAL/NTSC switch into these, it basicly a 3 wire toggle switch.

(I can help you out on this if need be. I can probably get the sytem, install the switch and ship it from the US cheaper then the prices than site shown. But you have to find buy your own power brick/supply because of different voltages/shapes.)


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