Transformers : Age of Extinction !!

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Transformers : Age of Extinction !! Empty Transformers : Age of Extinction !!

Post by Blaster on Wed Jun 25, 2014 6:09 pm

I actually enjoyed it - for a Michael Bay movie that is.
First 3D movie I have seen in a while too but the technology is definitely getting better

The Dinobots were a great change up and I actually thought they were awesome
The newer Autobots were also pretty cool and I loved the spin John Goodman put on Hound.

As a movie fan I thought overall it was a bit meh!!
But as a Transformers fan I loved it.

Also there was no sign of that dreadful Teenage Ninja Turtles trailer which was a great relief

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Transformers : Age of Extinction !! Empty Re: Transformers : Age of Extinction !!

Post by Sam on Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:45 am

I watched it last night after work, and I agree, as a movie pretty meh, but tis always fun to watch robots fight tht can change into cars/planes/random bigass dinosaurs

BTW I loved how imposing the dinobots looked when you first see them ! time flew by the movie didn't feel as long as it was !

I does make me want to find a good rendition of bumblebee in toy form, even though i have fifty billion of it from previous movies! Hopefully something like the ones we got that came with little figures, can't remember the name of the series type, but it was more 'masterpiece' type transform etc. Jazz was great from that as well.

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