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Batman Returns Rubber Figurines Empty Batman Returns Rubber Figurines

Post by bradthesmurf on Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:35 am

Hey. Does anyone have any info on these original Batman Returns figures? I remember having these as a kid but Batman ended up with a missing leg and then I don't know what happened to them... years later I found the Batman again a couple yrs ago at a market and then today I found the Catwoman! Very happy to have them again after all these years but I cannot remember exactly where these came from? Were they sold as carded figures? I have never seen them again since I was a kid. I recall maybe they came in a showbag at a royal show one year? Not sure. I have tried to look them up but can't find them. Would there be a Penguin in this set?? They are tiny soft rubber figurines. See photo.

Thanks for any help.

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