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Post by Artistix on Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:58 am

Mondo have shown images of He-Man & Skeletor

Mondo MOTU Pbucket

Mondo MOTU Pbucket

Q&A thread

Quote Originally Posted by brockotter View Post
Hey gang- just a reminder to keep your eye on our twitter and instagram account (as well as mine!), as we'll be teasing the figures as we're leading up to MondoCon. What we're going to show at the show are going to be early prototypes (unpainted, and with a bit of articulation missing), but you'll get a very good idea what our aesthetic is going to be. Very excited to show you, even at this stage.
Other interesting info from "Mondo Guy"

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- The majority of the figures will be plastic, but there will be some cloth elements, like capes, and the like. We're also looking into fake furs for loincloths, and that sort of thing. Keep in mind these are still in development, so things could change, but all that said should be feasible. It'll really depend on how it looks.

- Expect a lot of articulation. The great thing about this scale is you can have a lot of great articulation without compromising the sculpt too much. That's while I love this scale!

- Still TBD about the display base, but the figures should stand fine on their own, regardless of if a base is included or not.

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We have rights to She-Ra and all associated characters.

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We're not looking to confirm any other characters besides He-Man and Skeletor at this point. Apologies for not being able to reassure you, but I can say there was a concerted effort to make sure She-Ra was part of our rights.

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Regarding the bodies- expect us to model our line in a similar fashion to how Mattel has traditionally done their lines. It helps save on tooling costs, and allows for more characters, so He-Man and Skeletor will share the same body. That said, there will be unique bodies for some characters.

Armor/gauntlets will be removable.

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We don't have a final SRP yet, but seeing as out TMNT figures are around $150, I would expect MOTU to be $200 or less. This, of course, isn't guaranteed, but is an educated guess. Keep in mind that when a figure goes up, it's a pre-order. We should have our deposit system in place before then, so unlike now, where you pay full price up front and then wait for it to get through production to get the item, we'll take a small deposit up front, and charge the balance when it ships.

We're hoping to eventually introduce a payment plan, where you make small payments leading up to the product shipping (if you're familiar with Sideshow, then you might know their flexpay system. It would be similar to this). All this is in an effort to still bring you high-end collectible figures, without assaulting your wallet/purse/coin bag too much at once.

Quote Originally Posted by brockotter View Post
In terms of how many we'd like to do a year- I'm hoping to get out 4-6.

Quote Originally Posted by brockotter View Post
With the TMNT figures, we based them on a whole lot of different things- the sculpted look is from issues 4 and beyond (of the original comic), the colored masks (they come with both all red, and their individual colors) comes from the cartoon, and their skin colors are based on the original Playmates. But no one has ever done the version of turtles that we're doing. NECA did some GREAT comic based figures, but those were closer to some of the ways the turtles looked in their early sketches, rather than how they appeared in issue #1. So this feels new, while still feeling classic.

When it came to MOTU, and characters that started off as toys, we didn't want to base them directly on toys you had seen before. That would feel redundant, IMO. So instead, we wanted to take elements of designs we're all familiar with, mix and match, and add a few new things to them. You will instantly recognize certain elements of these figures, and some elements will be new takes.

I do want to make it clear- while these are new takes on the characters, they're not wild redesigns, like Sideshow's awesome statues. I'm hoping that you guys agree that they're a nice balance of old and new.
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