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JLU Visual Checklist Empty JLU Visual Checklist

Post by NiteOwl on Sun Oct 12, 2008 11:33 am

Thanks to the good people over at dchallofjustice, here is a new updated JLU checklist

JLU Visual Checklist Jluchecklist

Hey Fieldy, I've got 79 from that list. How about you? Cool Cool
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JLU Visual Checklist Empty Re: JLU Visual Checklist

Post by fuzzcat on Sun Oct 12, 2008 5:41 pm

92 for me, but I'm counting some of the Hasbro figures in lieu of Mattel ones (Nightwing, animated Riddler, Freeze etc) - so actually many more than that - like 115...

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JLU Visual Checklist Empty Re: JLU Visual Checklist

Post by Artistix on Mon Oct 13, 2008 2:20 am

I love that sites visual checklists.

I gather some of those Batman figures are from the Batman & Robin animated series. Really looking forward to finally getting a Clock King action figure! Though the exclusion of his bowler hat & cane is a kick in the teeth. Hopefully he gets a singles release at some point. Love Scarecrow & Harley.

I received some of the new 3-packs last week. Fire/Ice, Question, Galatea & The Captain Atom pack. I was surprised how bad Fire & Ice look....in fact most of these are painted badly. I held the original release of the Fire/Ice figures in my hand & they were fantastic, but with the re-release they have tried to paint the flesh & there is a lot of slop & bleeding. I'll have to track down the original release again.

Luckily Question is painted very well. And just as luckily, I managed to receive the Galatea with corrected eyes & eyebrows.

A friend in the US informed me he has the Green Lantern 3-pack (Kyle/Katma), The Joker/Gorilla Grodd 6-pack & the Apokolips 6-pack for me, so that will be awesome. Should be receiving them in a week or two.

Next on the list are the Deadshot/Barda/MM & the Star Sapphire/Sand/Supes sets.
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JLU Visual Checklist Empty Re: JLU Visual Checklist

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